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9 Impractical but Fun Uses for Sheds

Treehouse ShedSheds are typically used for storage or as a practical workspace. However, lately, we have seen, with a little bit of creativity, storage sheds become used for some unusual and fun purposes. Here are 9 fun examples of how you can use your shed in ways that you may have never considered transforming your shed into:

A Playhouse/Treehouse – Let your kids’ imagination run wild by transforming your shed into a playhouse by decorating the interior with colorful lights, decorations, toys, and furniture to create a space where they can play and have fun. For extra fun construct a deck outside, or purchase a shed with a porch.

A Yoga Studio – Create a peaceful and relaxing space inside your shed by adding a yoga mat, props, calming décor, and a Bluetooth speaker for listening to spa music or Tibetan singing bowls. Use this space to practice yoga, meditate, and unwind after a long day.

A Pub/Backyard Bar – Turn your shed into a miniature pub or backyard bar by stocking it with drinks, snacks, and a bar. You and your friends can gather for a pint and a chat in your very own private bar. Show it off even more by adding some LED strips to your shelving as backlights to give it that extra level of bar glamour.

A Reading Nook – Create a cozy reading nook inside your shed by adding soft lighting, comfortable seating, and a bookshelf. Escape from the world and enjoy some quiet time with a good book.

A Movie Theater – Set up a cozy space inside your shed with comfortable seating, a large screen, on the back wall, and a sound system throughout, or simply use a good Bluetooth speaker. For extra fun add some lounge chairs, bean bag chairs, or sleeping bags. Invite your friends over for a movie night and enjoy a theater-like experience in your own backyard.

A Greenhouse – If you’re a gardening enthusiast, turn your shed into a greenhouse and grow your own plants, vegetables, and herbs. This has become such a popular transformation that we even offer prebuilt greenhouse sheds, designed just for this purpose.

A Music Studio – You can move the garage band out of the house and turn your home back to its former quiet relaxing space by transforming your shed into a music studio. With enough space to add soundproofing, instruments, and recording equipment; storage sheds can be a great space to practice your music, record songs, and “rock out” with friends.

A Game Room – Set up a space inside your shed to play games like pool, darts, and table tennis. There might even be a game or two of beer pong. This can be a fun spot for game nights with family and friends, and you can get extra creative with LED light strips and a bar area.

An Art Studio – If you’re an artist, turn your shed into an art studio by adding lighting, a work table, and storage for your supplies. This can be a great space to get creative and work on your art projects.

These are just a few fun options that show sheds don’t have to just be for storage and work. With a little creativity, you can turn your shed into a fun and impractically practical space that you’ll enjoy every day!

Comment below about anything creative you have done with your shed, and subscribe and stay tuned for posts with more details about each of these transformations, along with more fun, and sometimes, impractical uses for your backyard shed. 

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