5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Shed More Attractive

Typical outdoor sheds are simply a place to store lawn mowers, soil, seeds, shovels, gardening tools, and other random knick-knacks. Have you ever asked yourself, how do I make a shed look nice? You’re not alone. Many store-bought sheds are an eyesore to an otherwise well-designed garden, taking away the spotlight from all the effort put into the backyard. 

However, there are many shed decorating ideas that will transform this underrated area into a beautiful centerpiece that enhances your outdoor living space. 

Reimagine your garden shed as a place that helps keep you organized for stress-free gardening and even becomes a conversation starter and enhancement to your space. With only a few quick touches, you can totally transform your backyard by giving your garden shed a makeover.

In this article, we will cover how to make a shed look nice and enhance the overall landscaping around this structure. 

Paint the Exterior

When decorating a shed, a great first place to start is with a fresh layer of paint! If you want your shed to blend into the surroundings or match the current aesthetic of your space, choose a neutral color like beige or gray. If you want an extra pop of vibrancy to your garden, we suggest a bright color like turquoise or yellow to have a cheerful effect.

Add Flower Boxes to the Windows

Flowers aren’t just for your garden anymore. Just like a home, you can spruce up your shed with flower boxes and plants on the windowsills. Simply attach shelves where you can place potted plants or growing bags filled with your favorite flowers. You may even want to try an herb garden or small vegetables, so your once bland shed becomes a place of life again. 

Landscape Around the Shed

If you desire the look of a shed that blurs into the garden and has a mysterious appeal, you may want to try applying lattices and climbers on the sides of your shed. Plant easy climbers like ivy, scarlet runner beans, and climbing hydrangea which will cover the sides of your shed in little time. 

You may prefer to lay mulch and plant flowers or bushes as if you were landscaping your own front yard. This creates a charming effect that really helps your shed look and feel like a second home. 

Transform It Into a Porch Shed 

Spruce up your current garden shed with a porch. Porch sheds immediately make the space look cozier and more attractive. However, not all of the benefits are just on the outside.

Use your porch shed as a space to get away and relax by adding a reading nook or turning it into a craft space or room to practice your favorite hobbies. Kids may enjoy having their own area in the shed to be used as a playroom. The possibilities are endless.  

Make a Focal Point With Lighting

Outdoor lighting can completely change the look and feel of a shed, especially in the evening. Consider making an outdoor path framed with small lights leading up to the shed’s entrance. This helps keep a clear eye on the shed for security purposes while also creating a warm and intimate atmosphere in the backyard.

Once you’ve decorated your shed in a way you’re proud of, you’ll want to show it off. Extra lights make your shed a focal point and draw attention to the work you’ve done.