5 Fun Uses for a Porch Model Shed

Sheds with porches are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek ways to add aesthetic value to their portable storage buildings. This add-on can give a shed all kinds of new potential uses. Porch model sheds are great recreational units for homeowners that need an extra area to entertain, relax, or practice their craft. 

By spicing up your standard garden shed with a porch – and perhaps adjusting the surrounding landscaping to highlight this new feature in your yard – you can create a charming outdoor space with multiple functions. 

Ideas for Sheds with Porches

There is a wide array of recreational uses for sheds with porches – ranging from those targeted toward adults and even children. Whether you choose to keep it practical or get creative, a porch model shed is the way to go for these five areas. 

She Shed with Porch

We all know about the man cave, but where’s a gal to go when relaxation is in order? A porch model shed can serve as the perfect getaway for your mom, wife, or other special woman in your life. The inside can be spruced up with a comfortable seating area, a small bookshelf, or other knick knacks. 

Give your she-shed with a porch a feminine touch by installing flower boxes on the balustrade, surrounding the perimeter of the structure with some lovely flowerbeds, and perhaps even accenting it with some elegant shutters. 

Weekend Cabin

Whether hunting or ice fishing is your pastime pleasure, a shed with a porch is a perfect little setup for a weekend cabin. Many people use these structures as hunting cabins and fish houses, as they’re perfect for providing shelter and serving as a small space to rest between outings. 

You can set up a portable shower outside to get some running water and furnish the inside as a small resting space, complete with cots, a small table, and more. 

Pool House 

A pool is often referred to as an “entertainer’s dream”, but do you know what would enhance this backyard water feature even more? A pool house! Of course, having to construct an entire separate structure for this purpose can be labor intensive – which is why many homeowners choose a porch model shed. 

Not only can the porch area be equipped with some loungers or adirondack chairs for poolside relaxation, but the inside can serve as a mudroom of sorts. Equip it with some wall shelving where you can keep spare pool towels and other pool equipment like inflatable loungers, floaties, and more. 

Meanwhile, the main portion of the space can be used to towel off and as a changing room. 

Kids’ Playhouse

Provide your kids with a separate playspace by buying a small structure like an 8×10 storage shed with a porch. Not only can the inside space be organized with toy bins, a playmat, and other activities, but the outside space can be utilized too. 

Install a small porch swing that your kids can have fun with, or even make this porch shed part of a larger playground area. 

Home Office

In this work-from-home era, having a detached office space from your main house does a lot to maintain work-life balance. If you convert your porch model shed into a backyard home office, it can be a lovely spot to host clients or just get a little bit of work done. 

The porch gives it a professional look, lending a little bit more of a non-utilitarian feel to it. Meanwhile, it can also serve as a breaktime space where you pop outside to enjoy a cup of coffee on a small lounge chair. 

What Size Porch Shed Should You Get?

Beyond the residential, porch model sheds serve many commercial purposes too, and you can frequently see them being used as security checkpoints. The versatility of this shed style has many wondering what size might be best for their needs. Typically, a 12×16 porch shed seems to be the preferred size, as it allows for ample porch space while also comfortably accommodating two or more people for all kinds of activities on the inside. 

Need even more room than that? Choose a gambrel-style porch shed to create an overhead loft space for additional storage and to maximize square footage.