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4 Uses for Your Backyard Tiny Home

As more people realize the pros of minimal living, more are discovering the benefits of having a backyard tiny home. Not only is it a great way to cut down on the cost of living like utility bills, but it can also help reduce your impact on the environment!

While more tiny homes are finding themselves on the traditional housing market, some people are using them as part-time homes away from home, or even turning them into a side business.

For example, once you invest in a tiny home, you can actually use it as passive income by converting it into a short-term rental. You can even make it a convenient guest house for friends and family. 

The possibilities really are endless with tiny homes in the backyard! If you always dreamed of having an extra space for any of these uses, but didn’t want to overspend, tiny homes may be the perfect solution. 

Airbnb or Vacation Rental

One great way to turn your tiny home into a source of income is by turning it into a vacation rental space. Whether you are interested in seasonal renting or renting during local events, having this extra space opens up another means of cash flow.

Unlike traditional rental spaces, tiny homes allow you to stay in your home and maintain your privacy during renting. You can even have a private check-in and check-out for guests as desired. It will comfort your guests to know help is nearby, without having to share common areas like the bathroom or kitchen. 

Guest House

Another great use for your tiny home in the backyard is as a guest house. No longer worry about where to put your friends from out of town or your relatives during the holidays. They will also love the privacy they can enjoy while still being connected to your own home.

The smaller space also means that tiny homes are easier to clean! You can stress less about having a big mess to clean up after guests, because the minimalist environment is already designed for organization.

Mother-in-Law Suite

If you have any relatives who need extra care, you can host them in a tiny home. Grandparents or parents who are older and prefer their own space, but require extra assistance, could highly benefit from a tiny backyard home. 

Keep loved ones close within reach to promote their well-being, while still leaving the space for both of you to enjoy your alone time. 

Long-term Rental 

Depending on the legal requirements of your area, you can even consider renting your tiny home to long-term renters. Become a traditional landlord and enjoy passive income on a property that is easier to manage and maintain than regular apartments or homes. 

Permitting & Legal Restrictions for Backyard Tiny Homes

Luckily, Florida is very tiny home-friendly. You will need to check with your local legislation to ensure your tiny home and its uses are permitted, but don’t worry, most get approved. Some factors that influence approval are the lot size, tiny home size, parking availability, and local building codes. 

Luckily, Keen’s Buildings tiny homes are ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) approved, which means they can be placed on the same lot as your home and often connect to your home’s utilities. 

They also bypass Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, because instead of transporting your tiny home on the road, which limits the sizing availability of the properties, your tiny home will be built on the spot. That way, you can have your dream tiny home without settling for less. 

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