10x12 garden storage shed in a backyard

Why Is a 10×12 Shed the Most Economical Option?

When it comes to backyard storage, a 10×12 shed is one of the most popular sizes among homeowners. This shed size’s main selling points are its affordability and multifunctionality. 

If you’re a new homeowner who is purchasing a first-time shed, the 10×12 option might be your safest bet, so get your tape measure ready and let’s cover its various advantages. 

Will a 10×12 Shed Meet My Needs?

When deciding whether a 10×12 shed is your most economical option, you need to consider if it will be large enough for your storage needs. For most homeowners, a 10×12 shed has plenty of space to store a wide variety of paraphernalia. 

The appeal of a 10×12 shed is in its versatility. Firstly, the nearly 120 square feet of storage space provide ample room for you to store gardening equipment, recreational vehicles, and other gear.

This size shed has a low price-point compared to larger sheds, yet it’s still large enough to house the essentials — from wheelbarrows and ATVs to riding lawn mowers.


What can fit in a 10x12 shed


Furthermore, these sheds are the ideal size for small yards. They provide homeowners with a place to store unsightly objects while still taking up minimal space. With the average yard size in the US equaling to about 10,000 square feet, this storage shed size takes up a nominal amount of space, making it easy to tuck along the fence line. 

Do I Need a Permit for My Shed?

Keep in mind that your homeowner’s association (HOA) and your municipality might have a say in the size, placement, and designated purpose of your shed. Therefore, if you plan on using the shed as something more than storage, that’s where undergoing a permitting process might be necessary. 

However, your requirements depend entirely on your location and your HOA, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with local ordinances to ensure you have all details taken care of prior to installation. 

Either way, this smaller storage shed size will certainly help you bypass some of the stricter requirements for adding a structure to your property. In most municipalities, you may find there are no limitations at all. However, the shed permitting process will largely depend on its dedicated use. 

10×12 Shed Styles & Uses

If you are planning on using your 10×12 shed for something beyond storage, it can accommodate this as well. A 10×12 shed could easily be converted into a hobby farm or workshop with just enough room for a workbench, wood storage, and even wall shelving. 

It could also serve as a living area if you furnish it with a standard 3-seat couch, which measures about 21 square feet, an easy chair that takes up about 9 square feet, and a full-sized TV. Throw down a rug and a coffee table, and you’ll still have enough square footage to maneuver the space. 

There are a number of styles to consider: 

  • 10×12 Barn Shed: Old-school aesthetic meets modern functionality. The barn-style shed can accommodate french doors and beautiful side windows for plenty of natural light if you plan to use the shed recreationally.

  • 10×12 Lofted Barn: Overhead storage options are essential if you do decide to convert this small shed into a compact workshop, as it provides a place to store power tools and more.
  • 10×12 Garden Shed: There’s no shame in traditional storage. The A-frame design on this shed style makes it adaptable to your overall house design as well as more efficiently wind loaded for turbulent weather areas. 

At first glance, you might be thinking that you want something heftier than a 10×12, but so long as you choose a metal storage shed, you’ll receive the same durability and longevity as other shed sizes.